“This is the kind of comedy where no one’s laughing, ’cause it’s hard to.”
Published 01-12-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Eleven 2009 days and about 24 hours of 2008. Maybe I’ll break out of it now. Sorry for disturbing the peace.

I like how eleven looks. Particularly in lower case. Like a bullet train with a smoke stack or like some sort of futuristic NHRA dragster without so much aerodynamics.


Stayed at work until 5:30, but got all the grading done. Learned that Isaac Newton never got married either.

A tiny bit of piano was played.

Did some work on the rally website.

I’m now going to watch a Rhodes repair video and learn to make this thing sing.

Listened to music all evening.

Ate a nutritious dinner.

Made a nutritious lunch for tomorrow.

Talked to my dad about my really sick niece. Like $300,000 sick.

Talked to my BFF about upcoming adventure possibilities.

Thought about several adventures I can take for the annual three days of disappearing. Turns out tickets to New Zealand are about $700 more than I can afford. I’ll take suggestions for alternate destinations with tickets from Seattle in the $300 range now, thank you. I’ll be going in February.

Thought about moving to Portland or Vancouver, decided against it. For now.

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