the day of rest
Published 01-08-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I was going to get on here and type a lot about how my day was restful and awesome after the late night last night. Worked on goal #6 by talking on the phone a bit, hung out with my friend who is making some good but tough changes in his life, sat around and watched crappy movies, ate some fine burritos and am now going to play piano for a while. I was feeling awesome a little while ago. However, my thoughts always try to drag me down to not-awesome and, while I fight pretty hard, I sometimes lose a little bit and wander around thinking about how life hasn’t worked out the best and looking for ways to make myself feel worse about it. I refuse to talk about it anymore because‘s pictures for today are the absolute perfect explanation. I’ll repost them here in my parody of my 2008 self. The vagueness and the taking myself too seriously and the hooray for somebodies.

image 1 in a series of 3

image 2 in a series of 3

image 3 in a series of 3

That is as close as I’ll get to going back to not-awesome. Only awesome from here on out. I am sorely determined to be awesome, god damn it. Perhaps you could call me up and help me out. Perhaps I should remmber how to help myself.

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