I told myself I’d start going to sleep on time!
Published 01-06-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

But there’s so much to do!!

After work, I went to a fancy reception for the politician that got me a big pay raise for earning some national certification. Well, me and my BFF and 900 other teachers in the state. It was a bit weird, but there was free food and a chance to go up a skyscraper downtown, so I went. There were no available lady teachers to mingle with, however, so my hopes in that department were solidly squashed. But the option was there and I’m seeking out those opportunities, so I’m still on track to fulfill goals. At any rate, here are two pictures from the adventure:

The view from the Soundview room. Of traffic.

Food picture.

Tomorrow I go to a show! The first of 2009! Yay!

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