day 4: productivity alert!
Published 01-05-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Reveling in the warm glow of a fine Saturday, today started off cozy and tucked into my comforter on my surprisingly comfortable 3″ thick piece of foam. Took my sweet time rising from that glorious slumber, had a fine breakfast of blueberry granola and a banana and set about the task of getting things done.

A couple hours later and school is planned for Monday.

Even more hours later and I have spent a bunch of time working on prepping the rally car for seam welding and doing some lightening.

In all, it was a productive day.

Leaving the Shoreline house was an adventure, since about three inches of snow had fallen while we were busy working in the toasty garage. Suzy’s CRX had a devil of a time getting out of the driveway without snow tires and required a lot of shoveling and pushing. Tom’s Audi took a couple tries and a little digging to get right (but does AWD donuts excellently). My trusty golf zoomed straight out of the driveway covered by a tree. The one with no snow, that is… The drive home was interesting. A gentleman came up Perkins Way and informed me a tree had fallen across the road. Which was good, because I could barely go up hills and turning around down there would be an adventure. I took a side road up and made my way up Ballinger and onto I-5. I only had to pull the e-brake once. I like driving in snow. I wish I could do so more often when there aren’t any people around. Maybe I’ll get a chance tomorrow, when I have to make my way across the lake and back to work. Though there are several inches of snow on my street, Bellevue seems to have only gotten about 2 inches plus a healthy dose of rain. Temperatures are expected to increase. If they take their sweet time and leave enough snow on the ground at about 5 AM, I might get one more day of vacation (and one less day of summer). It’s unlikely, however, so I should definitely go to sleep now. About two hours earlier than any other day during this break.

Despite my wishing for more vacation, I’m ready to go back to work.

Productive day today!

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