twice as good as yesterday.
Published 01-03-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Day 2 of Awesome 2009 turned out to be twice as awesome as yesterday.

Friday is adventure day, and started early, at the crack of 10 AM. My BFF calls me up and invites me to walk around Greenlake. Bleary eyed and nearly dead, I accept. It’s adventure day!

A brisk three mile stroll around our fine urban lake caused a substantial hunger in the both of us, so we picked up her Mike and headed to the Blue Star cafe for brunch at noon. BFF picked out one of the hostesses to be my girlfriend, but no one got the guts to actually propose this merger to the hostess. Perhaps propose is the wrong word there.

Morning adventure complete. Back home, time to work on goals. I bought a repair instructional DVD for my piano, looked up options for organic produce delivery, responded to the singer ad responses, discussed the possibility of working on the rally car this afternoon and played a tiny bit of piano. The rally car work session didn’t pan out (going on Sunday, though) so I looked for more adventure. Perhaps a bit of skateboarding? Why not?

However, before skateboarding, I took a moment to work on goal #6, inspired by conversations at the Blue Star cafe. After paying the requisite fee, I sent a message out. The message was returned merely an hour or so later. I, in turn, returned a message. Then we spent an hour chatting on the phone. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting the finest falafel establishment in the city. It’s a date, a scam, whatever. I’m excited.

To recap using the goal numbering:
#1: skateboarded and walked 3 miles!
#6: serious progress!
#10: worked on initial contacts and practiced a little and bought some supplies.

I also worked on some side goals, like the rally car and organic produce delivery service.

Day 2: 2009 is still awesome!

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