The one-year plan.
Published 01-01-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Fireworks have rung in the new year and the start of my one-year plan.

Weekly Schedule:
Monday: Kung Fu or skateboarding
Tuesday: work on the house
Wednesday: Kung Fu or skateboarding
Thursday: day of rest
Friday: day reserved for adventures!
Saturday: no internet day, Kung Fu
Sunday: school work, skateboarding

Major plans (priority):
be physically active (high)
attend at least 50 shows this year (high)
finish the house (medium)
start a vegetable garden (low)
go to europe (high)
meet new friends and new ladies (high)
listen to music constantly (high)
play fewer video games (high)
volunteer for some charitable organizations (medium)
do something musical 30 minutes a day (high)
fix my posture (medium)

Minor plans:
sell a bunch of stuff I don’t need
buy a mattress
buy a nice stereo
keep the house cleaner
visit my family and friends more
be the type of person that says hi to strangers on the street
help out with the rally car more
get tattooed once a year
get involved with politics and/or the DIY scene
have a house comedy show (maybe)
tell more stories
inspire others to greatness

Looking at this list makes it seem like it’s not really any different from what I’ve been doing with my life all along. It just feels like the purpose behind these items is more… urgent? Last year was about surviving and healing. This year is about being constantly, ridiculously awesome.


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