I love X-mas.
Published 12-24-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

Since I’m stuck here waiting for my sister to finish driving a bus around, I thought I’d explain why I love X-mas.

It’s not because I celebrate the birth of some dude.

It’s not because I get a bunch of stuff (though when I got Dragon Warrior for NES, I was pretty stoked).

It’s because I get to give a bunch of stuff. My entire philosophy of living has always been to try to make other people’s lives better at any expense. I am pretty good at it, but not perfect. No, I am awesome at it and I love giving gifts the most. That’s why I like X-mas. Here are the greatest gifts I have ever given:

A custom engraved iPod.
A song.
A guitar.
Another song.
A pack of Rick Steves DVD’s (trust me, it’s awesome).
A letter explaining how much I love each of my family members.
A bowling ball.
A Philadelphia board game.

Reading this list doesn’t make these things seem all that awesome, but it’s really not the things that were awesome. It was the fact that they were the right things. And I always put everything I’ve got into these sorts of gifts. This X-mas, I think I’ll get about a B for my gifts. I scored pretty high with the DVD’s I got, but the rest of the gifts aren’t up to my usual standards. It’s okay, because I think they’ll still make some people happy, which is my goal. Let’s see how it goes.

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