The magic of a winter night.
Published 12-21-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

While I was making a terrible snowman earlier today, a family down the street walked by and invited me (and the rest of the housemates) to an open house holiday party. Normally, I’d avoid this sort of invitation and hide in my room thinking I was too cool for some sort of get together at a stranger’s house but really I’d just be hiding from how scared I was to meet people my own age. Maybe they’ll figure out all the other stuff I hide…

At any rate, as practice for 2009, I went on this adventure. I brought cookies. I talked to people I didn’t know and introduced myself and asked about where they lived and what they did and made conversation and met my neighbors after only three years of living here. The 2008 me would have hid in the basement and talked to the kids at the very most.

Turns out, instead, that I am pretty awesome.

On an unrelated note, I’ve watched so many episodes of The Office (American) during my snow-imposed house arrest that I might have a celebrity crush on Jenna Fischer as Pam. Not like my housemate is obsessed with Natalie Portman, but more like a “if I met a real life girl like that, I’d probably be pretty stoked.”

I think it’s the button-up shirts. I’ve always been a sucker for those.

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