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Published 07-06-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

well, things aren’t going all bad, Mrs.Tina Q. Rafer, who “am dying woman”, has WILLED 2.5 million dollars to me since she has “been touched by God to donate from what [she has] inherited from [her] late husband to [me] for the good work of God.” i’ll go ahead and forward the good news to the FBI.

i was just thinking, on my drive over the viaduct at my very favorite time in this city, when the sun is just setting the buildings on a light pink glowing fire, that you can tell a lot about a seattlite by which of the three major beaches they prefer. ignoring any geographical constraints, if a person prefers alki, they’re probably the sort of person that likes hanging out with other people. a socialite, if you will. if you prefer golden gardens, you’re probably in high school. if you prefer carkeek, you’re a loner dottie, a rebel. i guess it makes sense that i enjoy carkeek the best. and now we have yet another way to categorize people.

at any rate, there’s a busy week coming up. tuesday, i’m going to check out the gits movie, wednesday i’m headed to the comet for hungry pines, biography of ferns, x-ray press and paper airplanes, friday i might go watch some comedians at the moore theatre (if there’s any seats left), saturday i might go check out the kids of widney high, whose tape i first heard in 1996 from a girl in my college dorm.

so, if i manage to actually get out and do these things, look for some sweet reviews soon.

i don’t know who i’m talking to.

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