There are several ways to hide a smile.
Published 12-12-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

The key is to keep moving. Modify that smile into something else. Redirect.

Tonight was lovely.

A happy hour party at quite possibly the prettiest apartment in all of Seattle. The food was fancy, the view was breathtaking, the hostess was lovely, and the guests were divine. I ate my fill on cheese balls and provolone something-or-other and fancy crackers and cute little breads and olives and didn’t even think until just now how open minded I am these days. The punk rock me would have turned down the invitation and slummed it at Taco Bell or something while my friends drank 40s. The new me is okay with everyone drinking wine in wine glasses and not plastic red cups. Am I becoming a yuppie? Probably not, but I’m becoming a more tolerant person. Sort of like Sarah Palin is tolerant of gays, but instead of tolerant like “As long as they don’t live in my state” it’s more like “Yeah, that’s cool. Of course I don’t mind. I’ll even come to your gay wedding if you like.” Sometimes the things I think don’t make sense to anyone else.

After the party (which I enjoyed for approximately three hours and two root beers), I headed to the Owl n’ Thistle to watch Bryan Frasier, housemate and comedian, do a set. He’s a funny guy that Bryan Frasier. I’m very glad that he is out there taking risks and doing what he clearly loves to do. I hope that he will be rewarded in some way that pleases him most. After sticking around for the other set, Mark and I traveled back to Albatross Island on the lovely Highway 99 past my wonderful city.

I headed to the local supermarket to purchase a frozen delicacy for my lunch tomorrow. The evening is cold and frost is already on the ground. The full moon is out in the clear sky and everything is amazing. I think if you keep your mouth sort of half-open, people might not notice you smiling. There’s a big cloud front on the horizon and snow in the forecast. I’m very excited. I’d probably trade my two extra MIDI controllers for a foot of snow on the ground tomorrow morning. Not because I want a snow day, but because it would be glorious. At any rate, I made my way to the local supermarket. As I arrived in the parking lot, an older gentleman was standing by his early 90s Ford Escort and just kind of looking around. Not waiting for anyone, but just enjoying the evening by himself. I sometimes imagine myself like this 40 years from now. Standing in a parking lot, reminiscing about my life and enjoying the brisk chill across my cheekbones. Content with frosty breath, a few stars in the city lights and a moon partially covered by wispy clouds. Completely solitary. Once I was at the bowling alley across the street from my old house and there was this guy there that looked straight from the 50s. T-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in them, faded blue and incomprehensible tattoos, a gentle pompadour in his salt and pepper mane. Bowling completely alone. Content.

It would take many more nights like this for me to be that content. And the Earth only has four more years and one day left to exist, so I may never get the chance. So, I try to be thankful for the evenings when being alone is perfectly alright. Evenings like tonight. Thank you.

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