lazy saturday.
Published 12-06-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

After proctoring the SAT’s this morning, I’ve spent the rest of the day doing mostly nothing. Played some piano, ate some lunch, watched some video games and some rally (Rally GB is awesome so far!!!), called some friends but couldn’t put plans together, read some stuff on the internet and got all angry, and then i decided to accomplish something today so I put my new skateboard together:

skateboard three: return of the king

red stripe: hooray skateboarding!

It looks pretty now, but it won’t be as soon as my tattoo heals enough to go skate. Maybe next weekend if it doesn’t snow. I’m trying to talk about it a lot so it won’t.

Speaking of talking a lot, here’s what my BFF and I look like in the 30’s.

BFF and I in the 30s

Yep, I look pretty much the same as I do every Friday, but with a borrowed hat.

Tomorrow’s adventure: x-mas cookie exchange! And maybe set up that first date I’ve been talking about. The possibilities are endless.

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