Published 11-28-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

I am thankful for…
40 degrees.
C# minor.
My brother, sister, grandma, mom, and dad.
Everybody doing well on the vector unit test.
Hooded sweatshirts.
A gentle fall rain.
Air pollution-created sunsets.
Waking up every morning.
Having a roof and a semi-warm place to sleep.
Rock shows.
Vinyl records.
A long list of bands.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I want them.
A new president.
The Internet, sometimes.
Beans, rice, and cheese.
My Rhodes electric piano.
This phone, I guess.
The opportunity to meet new people.
The motivation to get more tattoos.
Summer vacation.
80 miles per hour.
The high pitched whine of a turbocharger in harmony with the growl of a 3″ exhaust.
Choosing to do the right thing as often as possible.
Hope in hopeless times.

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