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Published 08-21-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

i’m so glad that me and skateboarding got back together. it took so many years for her to finally realize that she loved me. in that time, my knees got really old but i still try to see her three times a week. it’s been a glorious rekindling of our relationship, the kind that only movies about riding the train out to montauk tell about.

now that it’s getting to be fall i should probably start going to the indoor park, but i’ve been pretty lucky to get to lower woodland when the park is dry and it’s not raining out. today there were a couple kids skate camps there and i was thinking what a cool summer job that might be for a teacher. and then i was thinking that i should never get a summer job because in june i’m really tired and at the end of august i’m not quite so tired anymore if i don’t do any work. so i probably won’t do that.

today’s skateboarding session also marked the end of one of the last gifts from my college-ex-that-married-a-douchebag, my hook-ups skateboard deck. the company hasn’t made anything new in about five years (i thought it went out of business!), but this deck lasted much beyond that. i think she gave it to me for a birthday or x-mas gift (see? it’s possible to forget things if i wait long enough!) and bought it from skate works in santa cruz when it was up near water street or mission, i forget exactly. so it was a long time ago, probably 1998. when i started skating again this year, the deck was in okay condition. after today it is a piece of garbage. a while back it got a bunch of chips on the tail, and the nose was sort of crunched where it hit the lip i was trying to 360 flip a lot of times. most of the tail was gone anyways from so many powerful ollies. the nose has no graphic left because i do so many nose slides, the tail had very little, and the mid section was pretty messed up but not too bad (i need to learn railslides. maybe saturday.). after i landed a 360 flip up the step-up (after a couple days of trying it) and a big ollie over one of those cones that kids bring to the park, i decided to end the life of this deck. there were some *large* chips being held on only by grip tape and the tail was getting more and more useless. so, i tried a bunch of big ollies and landed them all super hard over the trucks, but that wasn’t doing the trick. so, i flung it against the fence a few times and broke those chips off. this guaranteed it’s uselessness. then it was up to the old one foot straight to the middle. that was effective and the board became two pieces.

good riddance. now i can put together that army skateboard that morgan won for me a couple years ago. maybe i should break some other things so i can get new ones. like this whole house. nah, it wouldn’t really do any good.

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