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Published 11-23-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

These sunny Sundays are best for skateboarding. Up too late last night so I woke up too late for the early session. The one without little kids on scooters or toddlers sitting on rolling skateboards in the middle of the park. Relatively unproductive session. Worked on heelflips a bit and polishing basic tricks (backside 180, kickflip, three stair ollie, etc.). It was a nice morning, but nothing was really clicking yet. Jumped on the deck by the fence and promptly fell off, spraining my pinky as it searched for solid ground and only found the bottom rail of the fencing. But I was still having fun and pushing the limits of what I can do.

Went for some big ollies over the tall cone, landed a couple, started trying backside 180s over the tall cone and 360 flips up the step-up alternately. Didn’t get either. Well, I landed the backside 180, but a bit too far over the nose. Results:

Skateboard #2: broken.

The kids all said “ooooooh!” as the crack of seven layers of fine maple rang across the park. I guess the skateboards they give away for free in contests aren’t as solid as the ones that you can buy at a skate shop. Either that or I’m just too much of a bad ass skateboarder. Let’s go with that. Anyhow, I’ll be heading to a skateshop to pick up another deck before my next scheduled skate session (usually Wednesday, but this week it might not happen, due to the holiday…)

In lighter news, I have now lost 15 of the 20 pounds I was aiming to shed. Five to go!

(That was a pretty good pun. I hope you caught it.)

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