I hopeā€¦
Published 11-05-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

…that yes you can really means yes we can.
…that I won’t have to remember where I was the day that the assassination happened.
…that promises aren’t just promises.
…that having an inspirational leader does more than just cause a warm, fuzzy feeling; it causes action.
…that every speech is just as amazing as the acceptance speech (and, to a lesser degree, the concession speech. By the way, you need to recognize that John McCain is a character from the Dark Crystal: recognize.)
…that everyone will continue to stay this involved in politics and the things that affect everyone’s lives.
…that my country will be known for it’s generosity and fairness, not for it’s tyranny and imperialism.
…that the giant McCain poster that I have to drive by in Bellevue will be properly recycled.
…that a redistribution of wealth occurs, that there will be free health care and basic needs for all, that corporations will stop running the country and have their charters revoked when they gain too much power, that a successful endeavor won’t be measured by profit but by how much it has improved the lives of others, that the people regain all of their power and choose not to be governed but to govern themselves, and world peace without everyone dying would be nice as well.

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