dear imaginary friends,
Published 06-22-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

the summer, so far, has been a productive one. today, i made some DVD’s for my sister, went to look at a possibility for our new rally car with the crew, and am going to watch some soccer at my friends house. yesterday, i cleaned my room, built myself a closet, and cleaned up the laundry room. the day before i washed my car and went skateboarding at the new lower woodland skatepark. i plan on doing some skating every three days or so, as that’s how long it takes my knees to recover from the trauma. it’s really weird having to do warm-up runs just skating around, not doing any tricks for like ten minutes before my knees are up to the task of ollieing and what not. but, for a 31 year old, being able to skate at all is pretty good, i suppose.

i’ve decided that saturday is no internet day. because i’m getting tired of pretending to share all the good things that happen to me with my keyboard and a virtual audience (of up to 5-6 people a day!). i need to get out and get started on finding an actual person or some actual people to share my good experiences with. let’s face it, you guys are just too unresponsive to have a real conversation. but thanks for putting up with me nonetheless.

after watching soccer, i’ll be putting some things on ebay (need some soccer gear? how about a sideboard?) and generally continuing the slow process of cleaning up and reorganizing that has to happen around here. maybe tomorrow i’ll make a door for this room. or clean the garage. or work on the yard. or go skating again. the possibilities are endless and all looking pretty good to me.

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