if you’ve ever wondered why everyone hates us…
Published 05-15-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

i was just playing the free rice game. answer some vocabulary questions and donate rice by viewing banners. a pretty good idea. rocky votolato(‘s myspace blog) showed it to me.

then i clicked on the totals thing to see they had donated about eleventy bajillion grains of rice to poor countries. awesome. then i clicked a link to tell me about how various countries are banding together to end world poverty and world hunger by donating 0.7% of their national income to countries that need help. what a fantastic thing. what a great thing for governments to do. isn’t this what governments are for? to work together to solve the problems of the people that are governed?

america, of course, is dead last on the list of donators. norway has donated 0.95% of it’s national income. the UK has donated 0.36%. america? 0.16%. fine, that’s a lot of money. but the richest counry in the world can’t afford to step up and donate more? what a bunch of assholes we are controlled by.

in better news, the students at the school i teach at will be having a walk-a-thon on saturday to make the life of one of our teachers’ kids better. there’s hope for us all yet.

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Keywords: fascism, greed, hope

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