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Published 05-10-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

in high school, i was in love with a girl named skateboarding. okay, actually two or three girls other than that, but skateboarding never quit on me. sure, it bashed my shins into horrible bruised messes, but they were thereby forged into steel. okay, it destroyed my knees so i can barely walk up stairs, but they have technology to fix that.

tonight, i finally went skateboarding again.

for about 45 mintues i was thinking that skateboarding was nothing like riding a bike. and then i landed a kickflip and it totally was. kickflips, manuals, ollies, noseslides, backside 180’s, nollies, one-footed ollies, and nearly 360 flips. i got so sweaty in only an hour and a half of skating. and so tired. and my knees really are sore. and my ankles got punched by the pointy parts of the board or the end of the trucks several times. and i fell hard on my rear end twice. and my glasses fell off once. but i’m in love again. you could burn down my house right now and i’d probably be just fine. because i can go skateboarding again.

innerspace skate park is pretty laid back. there were 6 or 7 people there including the guy working. i wasn’t the oldest one skating. i talked with the rollerblader and he was skating for the first time in a few years, as well. for me it’s been about 4 or 5. i think the last time i really went skating was at sea-sk8 when i was living on blanchard. so maybe 7 or 8 years. the park was pretty decent for my fledgling skills. it has some weird transitions and is pretty linear, but i’m okay with that. probably because i’m so excited to be skating again. i remember why i quit soccer in the first place, now. because it doesn’t compare to skating. i don’t remember why i quit skating though. maybe i never did.

now, i might even go to a show. however, i should have drank more water because a wicked dehydration headache is setting in. so i might not go to the show after all. or maybe i will. maybe i can chat up some hot lady and top off the evening. or go to sleep. one of the two.

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