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i’ve just finished reading the doris zine anthology by cindy crabb. i went to a zine reading at left bank books that she was at (and picked up both issues of this amazing zine called “tea party”) a while back. it was good to meet her and feel like this book was real. i got a couple back issues as well.

the thing about doris is that it’s packed full of inspiration. in one way or another, you will be inspired. maybe you’re not an anarcho-eco-feminist, but you’ve always respected the ideals of the DIY movement and the punk rock scene and the feminist movement and anarchy and the true green movement. maybe you own your own house and have a nice job and eat every day without dumpstering anything. there is still inspiration in there. here’s mine:

it is going to be hard, hard for a really long time. long after everyone else has forgotten all about it, it’s still going to be really hard for you.

thanks, cindy. it’s good to know you’re out there.

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