Moonlight Cafe, 19th and S. Jackson
Published 08-28-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

To start the last adventure of the weekend, I accepted an invitation from my friend Tessa for a sleepover party. We were at school and needed to coordinate the return trip on Friday. This seemed the best method.

To start the sleepover she went running and I went out for a dinner adventure. From her place to 19th and Jackson and the Moonlight Cafe. It is the Vietnamese equivalent of The Bamboo Garden plus a regular vietnamese restaurant in the same building. There is karaoke advertised but none was present on my visit this evening. The only other people there was a large group of punks. Probably all the punks left in Seattle. So much black and scraggly hair. I started my meal with some of the complimentary tea. I hate tea. Pouring it for yourself is bad luck. But I had some. I still hate it.

I ordered the (fake) tuna with lemongrass and chili peppers. It was downright amazing. The tuna was very dense and had a great seared skin texture. It was just perfectly spicy and was very tasty. The rice was just sticky enough to hang together but not a big gloopy mess. The food was delivered ridiculously quickly by a waiter who was pretty decent.

The food was great and watching the punks reminded me why I never was destined to really be punk. Their cell phones and smoking and ten dollar dinners reminded me that it’s all really for show. That’s why I never really believed in that lifestyle. That’s why I never believe in anything. It requires unflinching evidence and steadfastness from the examples. And that is never forthcoming. No one is perfect.

With the bill, I got a fortune cookie. The fortune read, “You will follow your heart’s desire.” I can’t decide if that will turn out good or bad. I hold out hope that all the movies and songs I’ve ever seen and heard are true and that things will turn out good. One way or another.

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