antidepressants a.k.a. you might not need drugs to feel happy
Published 07-24-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

Don’t care what they may say
We got that attitude!
Don’t care what they may do
We got that attitude!

Hey, we got that P.M.A.!

the hard part about being a ridiculously rational person is that it’s hard to cultivate a positive attitude about anything because of the innate ability of rational folks to be critical of every success and to not believe in anything. it would probably be a good exercise for me to write down all the things that i believe in and then work to do the things that i can do to make sure that everyone believes those things as well. sort of my blueprint for revolutionary activities, i suppose. however, (and that’s the word that always gets me) it’s not really my job to make sure that everyone believes the same things as me. and, in fact, i don’t even want everyone to believe the same things as me. it’d just be nice if one or two of those beliefs could be proven right once in a while.

i’m rambling. i got into this to offer the five or six people that read this some advice on how to cultivate this P.M.A., just like Bad Brains wants you to. so here it is: find something you’re good at and do it. pretty simple and you’ve probably heard it before. so let me just show you how it doesn’t work for me and then you can do the opposite. what I did was take one of those facebook IQ tests. Here’s the results, minus the score:

You got 30 questions right out of a possible 30.
You took 9 minutes to complete the test.
We estimate your IQ to be: … The average person has an IQ of 100 – if you are over 100 you are above average!

The very first thing I thought when I got the results is “well, that’s pretty good for some inaccurate attempt at determining something that doesn’t even matter anyways.” I put a bunch of conditions on the results that makes them seem less than they are. I mean, above average is better than at least half the world, supposedly (see? there’s another aim at myself. that “supposedly” implies that the results are false somehow [statistics are just an estimation, of course]).

Now a normal, healthy person would look at these results and say, “awesome, i’m super smart. i should get a cookie or something.” This is what I want you to do. Go do something you’re good at and then tell yourself you’re awesome. Because you probably are. Me? I’ll just keep trying to help you feel best about yourself. Because that’s what I’m best at.

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SdC says:
September 22, 2008 at 6:06 am
PMA: 3 magic letters i remember every day
These brains were not that bad…

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