I’m ready.
Published 09-05-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

Maybe I’m just on an upswing. I don’t want to think about school or the strike for the whole weekend. I got things to do.

In the interest of attempting to not just think about terrible things all the time, here’s two good things, one of which is great.

I put up a Stranger ad. No, not a personal. Though I am starting to look around and think about that sort of thing (have you noticed that like 70% of all teachers are female?), I gotta get all svelte and tough before the ladies will notice. At any rate, my point was that I put up this ad proclaiming me available to sing in a band. No responses yet. I’m still working on the piano, though. I don’t know what kind of songs I’ll write when I’m not depressed anymore…

Tomorrow: PDX! God damn, I’m so excited to go see Hot Water Music. And The Bouncing Souls. Ian, Mark, Dan and I will be traveling south at about 4PM. We’ll get some food in Portland and be ready to rock the hell out. So excited. Maybe I should bring some extra clothes or something. Four recently sweaty dudes in a car for a couple hours after this show is not going to be so exciting. But HOT WATER MUSIC!!!!!!!!! I better not be able to move the next day. Though I didn’t witness it at the Damien Jurado/Jeremy Enigk show I went to, I heard that PDX goes crazy at shows. I’ll be right there with them. I’m going to put my finger in the air and throw my head back and scream out everything. I’m going to jump around and hurtle into nameless strangers until all I am is a bruised mess that can’t talk or stand up or even think. Sacrifice this mortal body for a higher understanding. For a new beginning that will allow me to believe enough in myself to follow my own plans. For real hope, not just aimless backwards wishes.

I’m so ready.

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