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Published 06-03-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

alas! my beautiful mac G5 dual 1.8 has finally killed it’s logic board. i figured it was going when i got random kernel panics a while back, but i replaced all the RAM and everything was working fine. until last night, that is. i plugged in my new USB card (for plugging in all the stuff at once) and it worked fine for a while. then, while burning a DVD and doing some other stuff, it froze. hold down the power button, force it off, restart, mac screen of death on start up. tried everything: unplug everything, hold down shift, zap the PRAM, start up from OS DVD, take out the card… all result in the horrible “you must restart your computer” graphic. i just happen to have a certain factory test DVD lying around, since i am a true mac nerd, so i put it in. run the logic board test: FAIL!

the question is, do i repair or replace? logic boards are $300 + labor. at least. or, i could sell it (minus the hard drive, which i need) for about $500ish, and invest in a new computer. at the time when i have the least money. but hey, isn’t that what credit is for? i guess the real question is: do i need a computer?

and finally, thanks to all the folks visiting my joan of arc review. my traffic has increased by a factor of 10. x10ed? dectupled? at any rate, thanks.

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don says:
June 5, 2008 at 11:35 pm
logic board is ok! i didn’t test the RAM (since it’s only a couple months old) and it turns out a stick is bad! yay!
also, they left an extra copy of that factory test DVD in my computer. bonus!

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