Eagle and Talon – In Manila - 4.3/10
Published 03-16-2011 (originally on SSG Music).
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Los Angeles duo Eagle and Talon have been touted as post-riot grrl; their DIY ethic and lo-fi sentiments indeed recall those early 90′s era bands. Songs from the duo’s last full length, Thracian, would have fit decently on a Kill Rock Stars compilation next to Bratmobile or Team Dresch. However, on their new EP, In Manila, they jump the shark.

While they dabbled in Casio drumbeats and dance-inspired compositions on their previous offering, In Manila is thick with them. All of the edginess has been filtered out and what’s left is more cheerleader than riot starter. The last song on the record, “For the Bond”, is a strangely out of place jazz/disco number, with brass and organ backing a litany of incoherent statements about things you’ve never tried your hand at, like books, air, or grace.

The EP is somewhat lifted by “Modified My Knife” which brings back the noisy guitar and drums that featured heavily on their full length. Listening to this track, the title of post-riot grrl makes more sense. It gets very close to the same grittiness and edge that those early 90′s bands captured. Very close, but not there. And because they come so close, it makes the song more disappointing.

Eagle and Talon are not trying to be post-riot grrl. Hopefully, they are just making music that they love. Perhaps their next recording will be a little less nice and a little more true to the vision they started on Thracian.

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