a really long blink.
Published 09-24-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

It’s been an eventful evening. I went up to Monroe to check out the rally car that I’ll be riding in this weekend. Fun drive up. Waaaaay out in the woods. Got a little lost, but the iPhone rescued me before I lost service. I’m much better at giving directions than following them. I left my helmet, HANS, and driving suit with Jay for safe transportation to the event. The car looks good, it’s headed to the dyno for some testing at speed tomorrow. If it blows up, I might not be headed east after all. That would be unfortunate, because I just reserved a room at the impeccable Pioneer Motel for the weekend. My dad has volunteered to drive me out there, so that I can fall instantly asleep on the drive home while he drives instead of while I drive. I’ll still leave a will on my desk. But I guess I should replace my headlight and taillight before we go. Tomorrow. I have to make a little itinerary tonight (or tomorrow) as well.

On the way back from Monroe, I stopped and bought my sister some dinner in Shoreline/LFP. Todo Mexico. It’s not that good, but it’s convenient. We talked about the million tattoos I have planned. I’ll put up some images when I get them drawn/constructed/figured out. Then I’ll just have to save a crap ton of cash.

I’m supposed to be entering grades and planning calculus and pre-calculus lessons tomorrow. I sort of want to go buy some of those vegan ice cream sandwiches that I like so much. Or lie down on my half-hearted bed and sleep a dreamless sleep until I wake refreshed in the morning.

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