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Published 08-05-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

RE5 train #33103, Rostock, Germany, 6:26

Well, I didn’t sleep at the bus stop, but I probably should have. The bus from the boat to the terminal actually took you anywhere in Rostock for a nominal fee. I didn’t have any hostel reserved, so I just got the guy to take me to the train station. Right next to the train station was a hotel! I walked in and paid 89€ for a glorious 6 hours of slumber.

Except that I couldn’t sleep that well, so it was more like 4 and a half. I should have followed the other two backpackers on the bus and slept in the train station instead of following the older couple into the hotel. The hotel room was no better than any of the hostels I’ve stayed in. The bed was terrible, the water not forceful enough, and the dude running the computer had a real tough time of it. Whatever, I got some sleep eventually. That’s the price I pay for not doing a little more research, I guess. I’m now on a train to Berlin, my favorite city in Germany. I’ll spend about 30 minutes there before getting on a train to Cracow. I’m spelling it with C’s today. Maybe I’ll use K’s tomorrow. I’ll be on trains for the next 13 hours or so, so I can do whatever I want.

RE5 #33103, Gustow, Germany, 6:59

I did it! I saw a skinhead in Germany! He had an Oi! patch and everything! Nothing can go wrong on this trip now!!

Some other train, East Berlin?, Germany, 10:19

I did it! I made it on all the trains and didn’t even have to pay any extra money. The guy that checked my eurail pass punched a hole in it on this train, but I don’t think that matters. Buying the first class ticket was a good idea, even though I didn’t do it on purpose (I swear there was only one option). I’m now stuck in a comfy seat in a room for six people with just me and a young lady listening to her iPod. In a mere 9 hours I’ll be in Cracow, Poland. Exciting!

Train, West Poland, 13:26

I’m in Poland! I don’t understand Polish AT ALL! I’ve been catching up on sleep on the way, mostly. iPod girl is not interested in discussion so far. Also, trains in Poland go hell of slow. That’s why I won’t be getting to Cracow until 19:00 or so, I guess. The countryside is okay. The sun is blazing in the window through the thick forests and green fields. What I can see of buildings from the train looked pretty bleak. Ruined brick shells covered with graffiti, mostly. There have been a couple that looked cool but, for the most part, this place looks pretty wrecked. We’ll see what the city looks like when I get there, I guess. I have to make some train reservations tonight, if possible. Then just cruise to the hostel and find some dinner of some kind. Adventure! Oh, wait, no, not really. Except I’m in Poland!!

Still on train 2 of the day, Poland, 17:30

Riding trains is pretty awesome, but there is only so much sitting that the human ass can take. I’ve been getting up and walking around and standing and stuff, but I’m ready for a good cross-town hike when I get to Cracow. In two hours.

Room 1, Apartment 6, Building 3, down the street from Momotown Hostel, Cracow, Poland, 23:50

I made it! Still no love from iPod lady, but that would have been too much to ask from a travel day. We did briefly talk a couple times, but it was all my doing, surprisingly enough. Ah well.

I spent 13 hours on trains today. After reaching Cracow I stood in the ticket line only to be told I couldn’t get international tickets there and international tickets were located (something in Polish). I tried to find them but then realized I had no idea what the old lady at the counter was babbling about. So I went back to the tourist info place and got the real scoop. I made my way to the window and got myself a sleeper car reservation for tomorrow night. Similar price to a hostel, but I go to sleep in Cracow and wake up in Prague!

At any rate, apparently Poland does not use the Euro. Who knew? So I have to get some Poland money (about 3 zl per $1) to buy two meals tomorrow as well as a bus or two and entry into Auschwitz (do I have to pay?) and maybe a locker for my backpack at the train station or what not. It’s cool, I guess.

This hostel is pretty awesome. I basically get a little apartment to myself for about $30. I get free breakfast. I get free satellite TV as well, which has been interesting. Pretty much a channel from every nation from the middle east to the UK and a couple north African countries. After getting all cleaned up and eating the last of my Finnish food, I probably switched channels for an hour before finding the 1984 world cup final and then some Rally Finland coverage in Italian. Weird.

Tomorow I’ll go get my free breakfast and do a little internetting and then see a couple things in Cracow before trekking out to Auschwitz. Should be an educational day, I hope.

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