indiana jones and the temple of the kingdom of the last of the raiders
Published 05-24-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

after sanding the drywall for a couple hours, i needed to figure out the least loser-ish thing i could do on a friday night. sitting around playing video games wasn’t it. my two friends were unavailable and any acquaintances were beyond reach. therefore, go to the movies by myself. well, me, popcorn, and cherry coke, that is. two doo doo do cherry cokes. (really only one).

indy was alright. harrison ford is pretty awesome. shia leboeuf or whatever was pretty awesome. krista allen was pretty awesome. cate blanchett struggled with russian but was generally pretty awesome. is generally pretty awesome. the story was ridiculous beyond belief. i think lucas is drinking too much these days. but i understand the idea is to be cartoony and entertaining. success!

i would have asked popcorn and cherry coke what they thought of the movie, but then i would have looked like a crazy person and a loser. can’t have that.

maybe i should get a fedora. and a whip. i’m already good at not shaving every day. and at limited displays of emotion.

maybe i just need a stunt double. or a crystal skull. or a life i can be proud of.

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Keywords: friday, george lucas, indiana jones

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