ideas that turn into something
Published 08-24-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

well, i had another idea for a song. i think this idea might drive how this project turns out. i think i want to do very short songs (under 2 and a half minutes) with very simple chord and rhythmic structures on the rhodes, but perhaps more complex and melodic vocals over the top. i’ve found a pretty good sound for the vocals, i just need a mic stand and all my housemates to leave. and some confidence that the things i write down are not as stupid as they sound.

if this idea doesn’t work out for me, i might find a line 6 and do that vocal sampling/delay/loop + drums idea that i had. all the house show kids would be into that. maybe throw a little keyboard in there too. i miss the drums.

anyhow, here’s a few chords i smashed together that might turn into a song someday. i need to stop playing videogames. i need to stop moping around the house power lloyd.

check out the new media player i found. pretty cool.

also, all my other songs are at this place. if this media player looks nice, i’m going to push on with the combining everything into the blog idea. i need a decent photo gallery and i’d be set. tips welcomed.

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Keywords: melancholy, new song

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