Turn it around!
Published 02-18-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Remember that MRR compilation, Turn It Around! I have a copy. I should listen to it. The seminal east bay punk vinyl compilation.

Anyways, sorry about all the negative nanciness around here. Again. For the millionth time. I’m sure I’ll type way more in the future. I try hard to be normal and think positively about where my life has led so far, I just get overwhelmed by small details and stacks of responsibilities and I get crazy. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. I mean, you keep coming back, so I must be worth at least a little of your time.

To let off some crazy, I went skating today. It was pretty fun. I was trying back 180’s over the big cone. I almost got it once. I did something to my ankle as well, but it’s better now. I also fell on a 360 flip up the step-up and got an “ouch” from onlookers. That left me with a bit of a scrape on the elbow but nothing major.

I came home and made massive cabbage stir fry (or “this is the last of last week’s vegetables, what do I do with them” stir fry). Then I cleaned most of my room by moving the books, attaching the end table to my bed, vacuuming, taking some stuff out to the garage, and gathering up a load for the Northwest Center folks next Thursday. I did this to the new record I bought: NWA – Straight Outta Compton 20th Anniversary Edition on 180 gram vinyl. Fun! I also got a Buzzoven – Hate Box 7″, North American Bison – You’re Making Me Look Like an Asshole 7″ (free!), Small Brown Bike – Dead Reckoning 12″, Small Brown Bike/The Casket Lottery split CD, and Stereotyperider – Under the Influence (free!). As soon as I sell some more stuff around here, I’m going to buy more records!

At any rate, hopefully no more public negativity for a while. Just one last, cleverly veiled thing. I was working on updating my personal ad, thinking about re-posting it even though I shouldn’t (particularly after the anti-passive-aggressive lady went all passive aggressive on me: “yeah, I’m down to hang out, I’ll give you a call” = “no, you’re lame” apparently), and I put in a thing about which movie characters I consider myself most like, or most wanting to be like, in order to give people a reference for my personality. I was really honest with it, which is probably the problem with it. Here’s my list, in order from positive to negative, for discussion purposes:

Lloyd Dobler
Gilbert Grape
Andy Dufresne
Joel Barish
Charlie Fineman

Also, I heard this Okkervil River song today, “So Come Back, I Am Waiting,” and realized that song is bad ass.

That is all.

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