SOPA/PIPA/NDAA/every other thing protest
Published 01-15-2012 on my old wordpress blog.

So, on 1/18/2012, a bunch of folks have organized an internet strike. I’ve decided to join in. After a bit of messing around with my htaccess file, I’ve got it all sussed out (as the Brits say).

If you have a .htaccess file or an apache webserver, here’s what you can add to make your website go dark:
RewriteEngine On \\turn the redirecting stuff on
RewriteCond %{TIME_YEAR} =2012 \\make sure it only happens on the 18th
RewriteCond %{TIME_MON} =01
RewriteCond %{TIME_DAY} =18
\\I actually will blackout the whole day, so I skipped the next two lines
RewriteCond %{TIME_HOUR} >05 \\that's 5 AM. my server is on PST, not EST, adjust as necessary
RewriteCond %{TIME_HOUR} <17 \\that's 5 PM. learn 24 hour time, dude.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ protest.html \\the relative path to your protest page. do not use an absolute path (http://etc. etc.)

Just add this code to your .htaccess file (or create one if you don’t have one) and make a protest page. Easy peasy.

Here’s my protest page, for reference. Steal what you need.

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Keywords: politics, SOPA, protest

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